Rutherfordton Presbyterian Church: Growing Its Community of Faith

Rutherfordton Fellowship Hall

Rutherfordton Presbyterian Church has been on the same land since 1835. Throughout its history, the church has worked to meet the needs of its community of faith. Under the guidance of Reverend Don Scofield, in 2003 the church added an elevator and accessible bathrooms. This made the church more open and available to its congregation.
But the church was not finished growing yet.
In 2014, a comprehensive evaluation of the church’s ministries prompted a reimagining of its spaces and services. This process paved the way for a series of enhancements aimed at accommodating the needs of a growing congregation.
The church is in a historic area, and the new architecture blends with the other buildings in the neighborhood. With the growth, the church has become more visible to the community. That “has taken ministry to a whole new level,” says Rev. Scofield.
The construction of a fellowship hall provided a safe space for gatherings during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic and served as a multifunctional space for various activities and events. Equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology, the church expanded its reach by broadcasting services to those unable to attend in person.
The impact of these improvements has been profound. The church now accommodates a significantly larger number of children on Sundays and fosters the development of a vibrant children’s choir under the direction of Music Director Lesley Bush.
The fellowship hall opens the space up for many meetings and Sunday school. It will also be used for more casual summer services.
Rutherfordton Presbyterian Church now has beautiful spaces available for the entire community. The church has held several concerts. It has hosted an ecumenical Martin Luther King Day breakfast, and it plans to host more such events. The church is also designated a Red Cross Emergency Shelter. Electrical service is set up to use a county generator to provide emergency electricity for the shelter, and several of the restrooms include showers.
“The flexibility of the new space lets us do so much more for our entire Rutherfordton community,” explains Rev. Scofield.
It has been four years since the project began, and Rev. Scofield reports that the debt remaining has been significantly reduced. He explains it is “because of our congregation’s dedication to our mission.”
With the support of the congregation and the leadership of Rev. Scofield, Rutherfordton Presbyterian Church has grown in both size and mission. Presbyterian Investment & Loan Program is pleased to have partnered with this congregation.