Let us help you take a Preliminary Look

Knowing your church’s financial capacity to undertake a capital project can save you time and money. Our free consultation service called a Preliminary Look enables your church to discover early on what is a good size project for your congregation.

Learn How Much Your Church Can Afford

Burdening a congregation with too much debt can jeopardize the church’s ability to do its mission and ministry. Early analysis of the project size in comparison to the church’s budget, and the ability to raise money can eliminate unnecessary design fees and reduce the disappointment of having to scale back a congregation’s vision. Our Preliminary Look helps churches determine the right size project, how much debt they can handle, and how long it will take to pay off the debt.

How It Works

Schedule a Call

Contact your regional representative to discuss your church’s vision for its capital project

Submit Your Information

Submit church financials and church demographic information


Discuss the results of the Preliminary Look with your project team

We have advised on over 250 churches projects and millions in capital projects

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They don’t just look at the numbers they look at the leadership, the history, the track record, and the vision of the church and I think that is the key and different from a bank.

Dave Wilkerson Pastor

What You’ll Receive

  • Analysis

    Analysis of what a good size capital campaign would be for your church

  • Graphical Information

    Graphical information demonstrating how your project compares financially to lending norms

  • Cash Flow Analysis

    Detailed cash flow analysis which will estimate the amount of time and the number of capital campaigns it may take to pay off your loan

  • Evaluation

    Evaluation of your congregation’s ability to handle the payments


How to Survive a Church Building

This webinar provides insightful information and best practices for successfully navigating a church construction project from the visioning stage through to debt retirement.


Wise Debt

This webinar provides strategies and tools for determining if, when, why, and how much, a church should borrow.


No, the Preliminary Look is free with no obligation.

No, a Preliminary Look is helpful at any stage of a capital project, but when done earlier in the process it can eliminate unnecessary design fees.

Typically we would need the last three years financial information. Financial statements can be church prepared; audited statements are not necessary.

Once we have received the financial information from the church, typically the results will be available within two weeks.

Yes, the Preliminary Look can be helpful for any project, even refinancing of existing debt.