If your loan includes investor funds, you can qualify for rebates of the interest paid on the investor portion of the loan. Our Get the Point! Rebate program can earn from 1/4% to as much as 1 percent and over 65% of our eligible borrowers are earning rebates.

To receive the Base Rate on investor funds, borrowers are asked to reach a minimum level of supporting investments. The minimum investment level is 30% of the amount borrowed from the investor funds.This investment requirement may be met with investments from members of the congregation, investments from the church’s own funds, presbyteries and synods and by members and sessions of other Presbyterian congregations. As the investment level grows beyond 30%, borrowers can qualify for rebates that reduce the effective rate on the investor funds by as much as a full percentage point!

Here’s how to qualify:

Once supporting investments equal 35% of the investor fund balance, the borrower starts earning a 1/4% rebate.

When supporting investments reach 50%, the rebate rises to 1/2%.

At 75% the rebate rises to 3/4% and at 100% supporting investments, the rebate reaches a full 1%.

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