Our Investors are at the Heart of Church Growth

Every dollar you invest helps to support the growth of mission and ministry across the PC(USA), at the same time earning you interest on your investment portfolio.

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Helping Your Church

You can help your borrowing church get the best interest possible through our Get the Point! Rebate Program. To receive the base rate on investor funded loans, borrowers are asked to reach a minimum level of supporting investments. The investment requirement may be met with investments from members of the congregation, from the church’s own funds, and presbyteries and synods. As the investment level grows and reaches certain levels, borrowers can qualify for rebates that reduce the effective interest rate by as much as a full percent. Click here for more details.

Why Invest With Us?

Competitive Interest Rates

Interest rates are comparable to similar market investments.

Low Minimum Investment

Start investing with PC(USA) ILP for as little as $500.

Support Your Borrowing Church

Your investment can help your church receive the best rate possible.

Types of Investments

Fixed Rate Term Notes

Provides a constant rate of return over the entire term of your investment. It will not vary over time. Terms range from 6-60 months.

Adjustable Rate Term Notes

Rates are not fixed and may adjust at the beginning of each month. Terms range from 6-60 months.

Mission Market Fund Notes

A demand note with a tiered interest rate that may be adjusted on a monthly basis, and which permits additions of principal and partial withdrawals any time without any penalty.

(Mission Market Fund Notes are not available in South Carolina or Washington.)

Competitive Rates

Minimum investment for all accounts is $500.00.

Interest rates for a fixed rate account hold for the full term selected.

July 2024


Fixed Rate Term Notes/DARs

Term Rate Annual Percentage Yield
6 Months 1.49% 1.50%
12 Months 2.47% 2.50%
24 Months 2.52% 2.55%
36 Months 2.57% 2.60%
48 Months 2.62% 2.65%
60 Months 2.81% 2.85%

Adjustable Rate Term Notes/DARs

Term Rate Annual Percentage Yield
6 Months 1.24% 1.25%
12 Months 1.69% 1.70%
24 Months 1.93% 1.95%
36 Months 2.03% 2.05%
48 Months 2.13% 2.15%
60 Months 2.28% 2.30%
Interest rates for an Adjustable Rate Term Notes and Mission Market Fund Notes may change on the first day of each month.

Mission Market Fund Notes/DARs **

Term Rate Annual Percentage Yield
$500 to $49,999 1.39% 1.40%
$50,000 to $99,999 1.64% 1.65%
$100,000 to $249,999 2.13% 2.15%
$250,000 to $499,999 2.32% 2.35%
$500,000 and over 2.42% 2.45%

**Generally, Notes are offered to individuals, entities controlled or owned by individuals, and congregations. Denominational Accounts (DARs) are offered to presbyteries, synods and entities of the General Assembly.

Interest rates are currently established by the Program based in part on certain average savings yields (certificates of deposit) paid by100 large banks and thrifts in the top ten consolidated metropolitan statistical areas as are published in the Bank Rate Monitor™ as the “National Index”. For each type of Note, the Program computes a trailing four week average of rates, ending with the last week of each month, which becomes the midpoint of the interest rate range from which the Program establishes the rate for Notes to be issued in the following month. The interest rate on Adjustable Rate Term Notes and Mission Market Fund Notes is adjusted monthly.

Investment FAQs

In order to borrow funds at the Program’s base interest rate, congregations commit to building an investment base equal to 30% of the initial loan amount. This helps replenish the funds available for loans to other congregations.The investment base must remain at a minimum of 30% of the outstanding balance of the loan over the life of the loan. When people “designate” their investment in support of a particular church, then that amount is credited toward the church’s 30% requirement.

When the investment level exceeds 30%, the church can earn rebates on their interest paid. Rebates are paid at investment levels of 35%, 50%, 75% and 100% and could reduce their effective interest rate on the loan by as much as one full percentage point.

When you “designate” your investment in support of a borrowing church, you can help them qualify for the rebates. By lowering the cost of their mortgage, churches can repay the loan faster or direct the savings back into the mission of the church.

No. Your investment is part of a pool of funds participating in all of the borrowers that have a mortgage with the Program. Your designation is a symbolic way of showing your support for a particular borrower. This designation does not affect the risk of your investment or your return on the investment. Likewise, the length of your investment (six months up to five years) is independent of the length of the church’s loan.

No. This is a personal investment in which you maintain control of the funds. At maturity, you have the option of renewing the investment, changing the terms of the investment or withdrawing the money.

No. Borrowing churches are required to maintain an investment level of 20% of the outstanding loan balance to receive the base interest rate. As an individual investor, you may select the length of maturity that best fits your investment needs. For instance, you can invest for as short a period as six months up to five years. You may also renew your Note each time it matures. It is the responsibility of the borrowing church to achieve and maintain the investment requirement.

Yes, certainly. Your investment supports not only your church but also other Presbyterian churches across the country. You may request that your investment support another church with a Program mortgage which will help that church earn rebates on the cost of their mortgage.

Yes. The securities of the Program are registered, exempt from regulation or otherwise qualified for offer and sale in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. However, this does not imply that the securities are “approved” by the states or the Federal government, only that the Program has met the applicable requirements of each state.

The Program’s agents have passed the Series 63 examinations and are registered where required.

If your certificate is lost or stolen, call the Program office at (800) 903-7457, ext. 5868.

Yes. You may send a personal check, money order or certified check. However, do not send cash.

Yes. Contact us for the necessary form.

Approximately 30 days before your Term Note is scheduled to mature, you will receive a letter notifying you of the options and specific instructions. When your note matures you may 1) roll it over for the same term at the then current rate, 2) reinvest the note for a different term, 3) redeem a portion of the note and reinvest the balance or 4) redeem the whole amount of the note. If you want it to roll over for the same term, you do not have to notify us unless you are a resident of Oregon or Washington.This states requires that you notify us of your intentions in writing. Again, the maturity notice will give instructions specific to the state regulations, if any.

The Program is not required to redeem all or part of any Fixed or Adjustable Rate Term Note before its maturity. When the Program does agree to redeem before maturity, an early withdrawal penalty will be applied. The penalties are spelled out in the Offering Circular. The early withdrawal penalties do not affect withdrawals from Mission Market Fund Notes.


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I think our members are happy to know that the money they’ve put into the program can go to other churches to help them develop from other peoples’ membership investments.

Scott Chandler Pastor
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Because of the investments that other congregations made into the PILP program, we were able to draw on that funding when we needed a source of funds for our expansion.

Chuck Sparks Pastor
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Most of us want to support the work of the church and because our people began to see what they were able to do it built a sense of connectedness with other churches.

Robert Eckert Pastor
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People need to understand that, an investment is not a donation. If they’re worried that they’re already donating a part of their income this gives them a way to invest their money.

Scott Chandler Pastor